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What's Available

#1) 5008 Master Street - The basic home will be a two-story rowhouse of about 1,310 square feet with three bedrooms, one and a half baths, an open front porch, brick face, and fronts on a large quiet street.  It has a sunny exposure.  There is a shallow front yard and good sized back yard with a wrought iron fence all around.  A small patio is included.  Options include a full basement, fancy bathroom, granite countertop, yard upgrades, etc..  There are no garage or off-street parking possibilities.  The home will not be HP accessible.  The price will be  $275,000, depending on options.  Click here to view virtual walk-thru.

The block is not attractive, but is fairly quiet.  Public transit is one block away.  A deli is at the corner.  Schools are nearby.  The Conestoga Playground is two blocks away as is the commercial corridor with stores and restaurants.  Churches abound.

#2) 4916 W. Thompson Street - Three-story rowhouse of 1575 SF with four bedrooms and two and 1/2 baths, sidewalk front, brick face, large back yard, fronts on a large tree-lined street.  Trolley stop is at the near corner.  Various options are available.  No off-street parking or HP accessibility.  The price will be about $299,000, depending on options.

#3) 1206 N. St. Bernard Street - Two-story rowhouse of 1180 SF with three bedrooms and and one and 1/2 baths, sidewalk front, brick face, back yard, fronts on a small side street.  Trolley stop is around the corner.  Various options are available.  No off-street parking.  HP accessible through rear.  The price starts at $225,000, depending on options.


General:  In order to help keep affordable any homes that we build, there will be significant long-term resale restrictions.  If you have any thought of flipping, renting out, or any non-personal occupancy permanent use of the property, please do not apply.

Because we value security and our public servants, we would like to give purchase pre­ference to police officers. They are encouraged to apply.  Mortgage approval is the first key to selection.  Checks will be performed and references will be required.

Cathedral Park is on the cusp of redevelopment.  If that is not a discouragement, you may wish to jump on this opportunity to acquire an affordable home.


Rentals:  Currently we do not have any rentals available.

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